Friday, July 1, 2011


"Lighthouse" 24' x 30" oil/canvas

Today is the final day to enter the American Impressionist
Society show/competition. Leave it to me to wait until today to start a 24" x 30" painting to have something to enter. I guess its the illustrator mentality in me that waits until there's a deadline to get down to business. I've been wanting to do this painting since April when I last visited Palo Duro Canyon. My fall back position is I had a three man show in May and I've been kind of pooped out ever since.

I have spent the summer trying to get new work to the galleries, but I just haven't been happy with anything I've done for about two months. I'm hoping this painting is the kick in the rear I need to push me forward. I've hit a plateau of sorts artistically and I'm trying to sort out what it is I want my work to say. I've had this conversation with myself several times and it always leads to discovering new things to do to improve my work. Let's collectively cross our fingers...toes count as well...and hope I come out on the other side of this self-interpretation excercise a better painter.

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