Friday, December 30, 2011


"Missy M" 10" x 20" oil/linen plein air

The deadline for entering the Plein Air Southwest Salon show is quickly approaching...January 6th to be specific. Stepping totally out of character I have actually had my entries done for a couple of months. This one I did in October during the Coastal Paintout in Port Aransas. The "Missy M" is very familiar to me in that I have bought bait from this particular bait store for many years. Located in the Conn Brown Harbor in Port Aransas I could always count on finding bait here when everyone else was out.

I painted this scene while standing in the shade of an abandoned fish market across the harbor. I've painted the "Missy M" a few times so when I chose to do a larger canvas just to see if I could handle the pressure of doing something this complicated in a short amount of time (2.5 hours) I already knew the subject matter which made my color choices a little easier.

I find boats difficult to paint because of the curves in the bow and the reflections in the water are always a challenge. It amazes me how dark a white boat reflects in the water. On this particular day there was a bit of wind so relections were at a minimum. Anyway this is one of my entries into Plein Air Southwest Salon.

For any plein air painters out there reading this blog I highly recommend entering Plein Air Southwest Salon 2012. The show is an online plein air competition with some of the very best plein air painters in the country participating. The show opens April 7, 2012 in Dallas, Texas at Souhwest Gallery. Paintings are limited to plein air paintings only completed in the 2011 calendar year. For more information og


Oil study for larger painting by Hodges Soileau

As I prepare for 2012 I have taken time the past two days to review everything I accomplished in 2011 and the things on my list from the past year that I either did not get to (ran out of time, need a 27 hour day)
or attempted but failed at. I review all things associated with my business then make a new list of things I want to do in the coming year.

First up on my list is changing the content of my blog. I will continue to post new work and talk about the struggles of producing art and being an artist, but I feel the need for change. The first thing I want to do is highlight the work of other artists whose work I really admire and let you know why that artist's work appeals to me. Anyone who has looked at my iPhone playlist will see a wide variety of taste in music (there is no Lady GaGa, sorry to disappoint). My taste in art is more limited, but I know what hits me and these are the artists that inspire me. I always encourage you to look at the links to other artists listed on my blog.

The painting at the top of today's blog is by Hodges Soileau. I've known Hodges through his work as an illustrator my entire career and have only recently gotten to know him on a personal level. We both are represented by R S Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg. Early in my illustration career I followed and was influenced by Mark English, Bernie Fuschs, Bart Forbes and Hodges Soileau. Of that group Hodges' work stood out because I felt he was the best draftsman. Face it, the guy can draw or paint anything and this versatility appealed to my sense of drawing and still does to this day. He is an engaging, delightful and intelligent man who is as approachable as any artist I've ever known.

The link included on my blog will take you to Hodges' blog. I've included a link to his website as well. Take some time and visit both.