Friday, November 14, 2008

NEW BOOK by Bob Rohm

"The Painterly Approach" by Bob Rohm

Bob and I have painted together for about four years.
We've painted all over Texas and Colorado. I can tell
you from my own personal experiences with Bob, he is
the "go-to-guy" whenever I have questions about
painting, especially plein air painting outdoors. Bob is a
master craftsman, excellent communicator and knows
how to paint with the best of them.

There are certain kinds of people I like to paint with.
If you want to get up before the sun comes up to
catch a good morning painting, paint throughout the
day out of fear of missing something good and then
catch that last ray of light as it disappears over the
horizon...then give me a call. We should go paint. Bob's
that kind of guy and I enjoy the heck out of
painting with him

He has a gentle way of telling me I just painted a dog
without making me feel like crap and if I have any
questions about turps, varnishes, painting surfaces,
freight companies or framing...he's got the answer.

Me and Bob painting in Big Bend National Park

Nuff about Bob more about his book. Published
by North Light Books, "The Painterly Approach"
is an excellent how-to experience written in a
straight forward, easy to understand "workshop"
style. If you are new to painting this is the book
for you. If you are a seasoned professional with
years of outdoor and studio painting under your
belt...this is the book for you.

Bob paints in oils, oil pastels and acrylic and handles
each medium expertly. The book is full of large
color plates so you can see the brush strokes
and painting surfaces. He discusses color theory,
design, types of brushes, mediums, painting
surfaces and much more. I can't say gotta have it.

To order the book go to Bob's website or your
nearest book retailer.