Friday, November 20, 2009


"Washout Patterns" 22" x 28" oil/c

Fresh of the easel ten minutes ago. This
is one of my entries for the Paint America
competition. I hope to get another one
done before the December 1st deadline.

Canyon De Chelly is well known for the flash
floods that fill the bottom of the canyon.
Unfortunately when I was there in
September we had no rain so the standing
water in the painting is made up.

This is the first of several large Canyon
paintings I will be doing this year. The subject
matter is so interesting with all of the
overlapping canyon patterns and reflected
light bouncing everywhere.

I can see why it became a favorite
subject for Edgar Payne.


Last Friday was the Collectors Covey Miniature
Show. A good crowd was on hand, better than
last year I might add. Buyers were more than
pleased with the overall quality of the show.

The warm atmosphere of the gallery
provides ample opportunity for artists to
mingle with buyers. I found the collectors
to be most approachable and more than
willing to discuss their likes and dislikes
of pieces.

I also had plenty of time to talk to artists
that I admire like Ken Carlson and
Luke Frazier. Of course looking at great art
is the main attraction. Where else can you
go in north Texas and see Clyde Aspevig,
Matt Smith, Len Chimel, Kyle Sims and
Frank Serrano?

They say "you are known by the company
you keep". If that's true then I'm in pretty
good company. My painting is the one in
the middle on the right. The two paintings
on the left are both Clyde Aspevig's.

Friday, November 13, 2009


"Fall Foliage" 8" x 10" oil/c

Here's my second painting. This is one
of those plein air pieces that keeps you
awake at night. Not because it was a
difficult piece but because it was so simple.

Every stroke had a purpose. Every stroke
went down like it had a mind of its own.
Every stroke sat down perfectly next to
another. An in an hour, POOF...its done.

Then you lie awake that night wondering
why all other paintings are so difficult
and how the heck do you repeat the process?


"Sure Cast" 11" x14"

Here is one of my paintings that will be
up for grabs at tonight's Collectors Covey
Miniature Show. There is a moment during
a cast when your fly is behind your head and
you have made the forward pull to place
the fly in an exact presentation. Briefly
you know the cast is perfect even before
the fly ever lands on the water. All you do is
wait for the strike you know is going to come.

I call it "feeling the tug". Flyfishing is the
purest form of fishing. The feel of the water
against your waders and the smell of a
mountain stream full of fish all add up to
a great day outdoors. But it is the "feel
of the tug" when a trout has chosen your
fly as its next morsel that makes it all
worth while.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Collectors Covey Miniature Show

This is my fourth year to be in the
Collectors Covey
show. It is one of my
favorite shows due to the strength

of talent that exhibits each year.
Wildlife artists
Bob Kuhn, Ken Carlson,
Ralph Oberg, Tim Shinabarger,
Sandy Scott, Brian Grimm and
Jim Morgan always offer
premier work.
Landscape artists Clyde Aspevig,
Matt Smith,
Len Chimel, Chuck Rawle,
Jimmy Dyer, Kenny McKenna and
Frank Serrano generate a lot
of interest in small landscapes.

click here for more information

Whistle Pik Christmas Miniature Show

This is my first year to be invited
into this prestigious show. I'm excited
to be exhibiting my work along side
David Leffel, Sherry Sandler, Cheri
Christensen, Ann Hardy, John Cook,
Michael Albrechtsen and Walt Gonske
to name a few.

I will post the paintings I'm showing
in each show next tomorrow.

click here for more information