Monday, December 8, 2008


"Santa Elena Canyon" 48" x 60" oil

This is my first attempt at a really large painting.
It is 48" x 60" and was painted from a field sketch
and a few reference photos. Santa Elena is one
of our state's most famous canyons. I have not
taken a float trip into the canyon but I've heard it
is quite the ride.

The challenge in painting the canyon as a plein air
piece and in the studio was lighting the canyon.
The only light came from reflected lights coming
off the wall of the right canyon wall and the sky. There
was no direct light anywhere in the canyon.

Photography was useless. Everything was black.
My plein air sketch saved me because I had
captured the light and remembered it when I finally
got around to producing the studio piece.


" Big Bend Washout"
9" x 12" oil

Can't seem to get enough of Big Bend. Got to admit
the place impressed me.
This gulley is typical of
the ones running throughout the park. After a ten hour
drive I had just entered the park about an hour
before sundown. The gulley was catching the late
afternoon sun and the mountains had started turning
various shades of blue and purple. There are no
mountains in north Texas where I live. The scene was
was surreal and definitely worth the paint time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Along with fellow artists David Moreland Bates, LaNell Arndt,
Roy Murray and Lynn Dicky, I participated in the first annual
paint-out sponsored by Port A Gallery. The event included three
days of painting in and around the historic fishing village, harbor
and jetties. There was a Quick Draw event and my painting
"Port A Harbor" won the competition.

Port A Gallery put on a successful and heavily attended artists
reception and show. Gallery owners Rick and Cameron Pratt
put on a great event and I look forward to going back next year.

Painting the jetties

Port A Gallery owners Rick and Cameron Pratt
next to their fully restored MG

Rick announces the start of the Quick Draw
with a bagpipe tune. The bagpipes could be
heard throughout the harbor as he drove around
in the convertible MG

"Captain D" 8" x 10" oil on linen

Rick Pratt, David Moreland Bates and me

Rick Pratt and me at the opening