Friday, April 17, 2009


"Day's Done" 8" x 10"

"Poppy" 8" x 10" oil

"Salado Barn" 8" x 10" oil

Here are three of the nine paintings
I produced over three days at the
Jill Carver Workshop in Salado.
The workshop was put on by
the Andreeva Academy...check
them out.

In a workshop I tend to push myself
into new directions and try to
take some risks. If they work out
great...if not...nothing lost. I took
this workshop primarily because
Jill Carver was teaching and, more
importantly, painting.

I've painted with Jill before, but I've
always been consumed with producing
my own piece without really paying
attention to what she was doing. But
her results have always blown me away
and I wanted the opportunity to just watch
her paint. I did and it was definitely worth
it, but I got so much more.

It will be the little things when added to
my work will make a huge difference
in the finished pieces.

My wife, Tracy, went with me which was
a first for us because I get so intense
during workshops. We stayed in a
turn of the century log cabin bed and
breakfast place. Had the gourmet breakfasts
and everything. We had a great time to boot.


Jill showing how its done

Explaining the importance of
creating a good design through
multiple sketches

Q & A before the demo

I just had the good fortune of taking a
three day workshop with Jill Carver. Transplanted
to Texas six years ago from England its
refreshing to hear her use Texas-speak
mixed in with her London brogue.

I've painted with Jill a couple of times
prior to the workshop so I already had
a built up admiration for her work.
But after the workshop my respect for her
as an individual, artist, friend and teacher
grew ten-fold. She's the most refreshing
person to be around and watching her paint
is magic. She has total confidence in
her abilities and everything that comes
off her brush. There's no hesitation, no doubt
and no delays in the process of creating a piece
of art. If she could she'd shoot me right now
for making it sound so easy.

I've taken workshops with some of the very best,
but without question I got the most from
Jill's workshop. Tangible and intangible jewels
that will end up on my canvases from here on out.

Thanks Jill and the Andreeva Academy.

Friday, April 10, 2009


"Starlight Theater" 9" x 16"

The favorite gathering spot for our
painting group at Big Bend. This is
the back side of the theater. I became
intrigued with the roof line and the
vent on the side of the building.

I couldn't help but think of Jennifer
McChristian's work as I drew out my
design. I wanted to keep the painting
fresh and my brushwork thick. I usually
start a painting with thin layers and build
to thicker paint as I go. But this one begged
to be painted with thick paint from the
get-go. I liked the experience and will
continue to push my technique in this
new direction.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


"Goodbye to the Sun" 11" x 14" oil

The two paintings featured today are
showing this
month at the Nomades
Del Arte
show at Southwest Gallery
( in Dallas. This is a
great plein air show with numerous
talented artists represented,
many of whom are OPS members.

The challenge in "Goodbye to the Sun"
was the moving light source. Clouds
were constantly moving across the
tops of the distant mountains and lake.
This required committing early to a
shadow and light pattern then sticking
to it regardless of the changes that took
place as I painted. Then the sun started
to set off to my right dropping the
foreground into shadow.

This actually worked to my advantage
because it helped light up the distant
lake and mountain. Sometimes you
get lucky and things work out.

"Taste of Fall" 8" x 10" oil

"Taste of Fall" was a lot of fun. Unlike
"Goodbye to the Sun" this one just fell
into place with little effort. The yellow
maple against the green trees and reddish
under brush was a ready-made painting.

Painted at mid-morning, I knew the
shadow patterns would hold for a while
and the only design thought I had was to
be sure and keep the maple off center.