Sunday, November 28, 2010

"35 on 35" NOW ONLINE

"Style Station" 9' x 12" oil/linen

The entire "35 on 35" show is now online.
Go to my website
to see the entire show.

I have taken a few days off from any serious
painting and, therefore, do not have a lot
to blog about these days. I have made an
important discovery that I will begin to share over
the next week or two as I return to the studio
and begin a new series of paintings.

Early on I kept hearing the phrase "you have to find
you own voice" in reference to developing a style
that is uniquely your own. Funny thing about
doing a one-man show that requires you to
produce thirty five paintings over a short period
of time. Unknowingly...I found my voice and over
the next couple of blog sessions I will share my
discovery and the process I've gone through
to get to the point where I not only discovered
"my voice" but also like "my voice". Stay tuned.

Friday, November 19, 2010

"35 on 35" SHOW A SUCCESS

"Rolling Hills of Hay" 22" x 28" oil/c

Last weekend was my first one-man show
at Riverbend Fine Art in Marble Falls, Texas.
I want to thank gallery owner, Suzanne Owens,
and gallery director Marta Stafford for their
support and all the hard work that Marta
and Lori did to pull the show together.

Friday was a demo in the gallery with a
good attendance. Anyone who has done
a demo in front of collectors knows how dicey
it can get when the painting takes on a life of its
own and you begin a rescue mission while

trying to appear calm and confident.

Bob Bradshaw wins the draw for the demo
and officially begins his collection of my work.
Congrats Bob.

Can't really describe my emotions going into
Saturday night and the opening. I knew I
would be nervous and with all the talk by
other artists about how bad things are right
now, I am pleased to report that interest in
the work was overwhelming and paintings
were selling.

Many thanks to Nita Lovel Dyslin for
the great
photos of my show.

Me with gallery director, Marta Stafford

Love of my life, Tracy, my best friend
and harshest critic. Without her in my in
my corner none of it would worth the effort.
To end up with 35 paintings I produced 42
and Tracy got to see the good, the bad
and the ugly. I can always count on her to set
me straight and to be brutally honest about
my work. More than that, just knowing she
supports me and is by my side as I chase this
childhood dream to be an artist is all that matters.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"35 on 35" THIS WEEKEND

"Cargill Grain Elevator" 10" x 20" oil/canvas

The paintings are hung, the portfolio
is published and it is showtime!
This weekend is my much anticipated
one-man show "35 on 35". Tomorrow is
a demo in the gallery from 2 to 5 and
Saturday the show opens at 6:00.

Never had a one-man show before so I'm
not sure how I am suppose to feel, but
I can tell you I am a little anxious and at the
same time I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.
To take a concept to completed paintings to
a show is new to me. I have to thank
Riverbend Fine Art for supporting my idea
and gallery director, Marta Stafford for all
of her encouragement and unbridled enthusiasm.

No matter what happens this weekend, I am a better
painter than I was before I started. I hope this
show is the kick in the pants I have needed to
move my art and career to the next level...
whatever that is. I will post the show online
next week and give you a full report on
the opening activities.

Monday, November 8, 2010


"Fishing Hole" 12" x 16" oil/linen

All 35 paintings are finished and delivered
to the
gallery. The new portfolio of works
has been published
and should be at the
gallery tomorrow. This Friday, Nov. 12th
I will be doing a demo in the gallery and the
show opens at 6:00 Saturday night. Can't wait.