Sunday, May 19, 2013



Featuring the work of Rusty Jones, Marc Hanson, 
Hodges Soileau and Frank Gardner

Opening reception Friday, June 7, 2013  6-8 PM
R S Hanna Gallery
208 South Llano Street
Fredericksburg, TX  78624


"I believe plein air painting is the purest form of painting. It forces you to make quick decisions and rely on your gut reaction to the scene in front of you. There's no time for second guessing and it isn't for the faint of heart. You have to fight bugs, wind, rain, heat, snow, snakes, predators and any number of other things that make creating a work of art difficult. But at the end of the day, when the paintings are done, there is an undeniable sense of accomplishment and you realize that an entire day painting the beauty that surrounds you is a great day."

"Work Horse"  12" x 16"  oil/linen

"Red Rock Canyon"  12" x 16"  oil/linen

 Marc Hanson, Colorado

A viewer of my paintings wrote to me recently and had this to say, "Your landscapes are so evocative, for me so emotional! You have a gift for portraying more than realism in your landscapes-not something fantastical, but something simultaneously approachable and not. Not everyone will do what you do, but so many of us are deluded or ambitious enough to aspire to." This very generous and kind statement describes exactly how I would hope that my art is received by those who view it. I try to live up to this ideal with each painting."

"Scarlet Skies"   11" x 14"  oil

"Entanglement  11' x 14"  oi

Hodges Soileau, Florida

"I believe an artist should strive for something more than just the technical skill in their work. There is a feeling, or reaction, that one gets when standing in front of a painting or piece of art. Sometimes, it's not an easy thing to describe. It might be the sense of place in a landscape, the light on the subject, or a fleeting expression in a portrait. These are the types of reactions that one hopes are communicated in his or her paintings. The best scenario is when the technical and the emotional part of a painting is inseparable."

"In for the Night"   16" x 20"  oil

"The Loner"  12" x 16"  oil

Frank Gardner, Mexico

"Cabalgata"  24" x 20"  oil

"La Capilla Afternoon"  14" x 11"

"My paintings are interpretations of my experiences. They come from my desire to share the beauty that I see every day by arranging bits of color and ideas to tell a story. Drawn to the colors of fleeting light effects on the landscape I try and accurately represent color I see. However, I also interpret and push color if it is useful to convey how the scene makes me feel."