Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"Copper, Gold and Green" 8" x 10" oil/canvas

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This still life is the latest Ebay auction offering starting today. It will be available for about a week. I've added a small bonus for those purchasing a painting from my Ebay store. In addition to the painting and at no additional cost I'm including a table easel. No reason to stick the painting on a shelf until your frame arrives. Throw it on the easel and display it immediately.

I display paintings like this all the time in my studio. It provides me the opportunity to glance at a painting as I move about the studio and usually if there are any problems with the painting they will jump out at me. I am always looking for trouble spots in a painting which is why I will finish a painting then immediately put it in a closet or turn it around so I don't see it for a while, usually two weeks. Then when I look at it again problems will glare at me and I can fix them.

By displaying them on the easel I want to see if the painting will grow on me...an artist-to-painting bonding experience if you will... and if it does I will be sad to see it go. No tears mind you, but sadness for sure. That's why I really enjoy watching a collector make the connection to the art because I know how they feel.

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