Thursday, March 26, 2009


"Santa Elena" 9" x 12" oil

No trip to Big Bend is complete
without painting Santa Elena Canyon.
The Rio Grand River makes its final
push to the Gulf of Mexico through this
canyon. You can cross a small creek
and climb a man-made catwalk to
get a good view down the canyon.

I've painted it several times now and
just like painting the Grand Canyon
or the Tetons if you don't get it
right there are plenty of people to
tell you just how bad you messed up.
So on this trip I walked further up
the dried creek bed and painted it
from a different angle. Those familiar
with the canyon will immediately
recognize it. Those that aren't can
enjoy a nicely designed and executed
painting of the canyon entrance.

1 comment:

Steve Atkinson said...

Truly a beautiful and impressive feat. Your ability to handle paint and turn it into light is inspiring.