Saturday, September 18, 2010

35 on 35 FINAL PUSH

"Tractor in the Shade" 18" x 24" oil/linen

With this painting I enter the final phase
of producing thirty five paintings for my
one-man show in November. I have
twelve paintings to go and six weeks
of painting time left. Of course there
is a workshop to do in Wimberely, two
paintouts in October and life in general
to deal with.

This is where being a commercial illustrator
for thirty years comes in handy. Constantly
facing unreasonable deadlines, unruly clients,
creative brain freezes and an airbrush that would
always spit at the worst possible moment.
The personal computer and Photoshop saved
my career!

My plan is to put the entire show online
November 1st which will give me time to
produce a printed portfolio. So the next six
weeks are going to getting interesting for sure.

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