Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trout Pool

"Trout Pool" 8" x 15" oil on canvas
(Available at Collectors Covey)

I've always felt artists must paint what they know and are
passionate about. Other than my family, painting, fishing and
golf are my passions. They are more than simple interests
that occupy my time. If I'm not painting I want to be fishing
or playing golf. All three vocations require a level of skill
to be successful and all three require practice...lots of
become proficient.

Today's painting depicts a trout pool I came across while on
a painting trip in Colorado. As is the case quite often, nice rainbows
were rising all morning while I stood under the pine trees
painting. Unfortunately for me, I had not packed any fishing
gear that day. On the one hand I was joyful to be painting. On the
other, the fisherman in me was at the peak of frustration all
day as I watched rise after rise. Note to self...always pack fishing
gear when painting near good fish water.

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