Friday, August 15, 2008


"Boquillas Early Morning" 20" x 24" oil

Last Spring the Outdoor Painters Society held a
five-day paintout at Big Bend National Park. I
had never been to Big Bend, much less painted there.
The first morning Bob Rohm, Chase Almond, Fred Hulser
and I took the hike into Boquillas Canyon where I
produced a good 11" x 14" sketch. This is the
studio version produced from my sketch.

We were in the canyon for about two hours.
There is an older gentleman who lives in a hut
across the river. He serenades visitors to the
canyon and his wonderful tenor melodies echoed through
the canyon as we painted. On the way out of the canyon
our morning singer met us on the trail to accept
donations. It all added up to a good morning paintout
and my first trip into the canyon.


Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Rusty,
I have just discovered your blog, I saw your beautiful paintings "in person" at Riverbend Gallery last week so I looked you up on the web. I am going to put your blog under my "favorites" and check regularly what you're up to. You write beautifully and I felt like I was in that canyon with your group of friends as that man was singing (well, I wish I was there painting with you all :) ).
Anyway, you have a great blog to go along with your beautiful paintings, thank you for sharing.

Steve Atkinson said...

Great Job Rusty! Those cools behind the sunlit canyon walls are masterfully done. The sunlight glows on those rocks. Love the composition as well. Great Job all around!!