Friday, November 6, 2015


November 13, 2015
Meet the Artists, Show and Sale
6:30-8:00 pm

Next Friday night is one of my favorite of the year. It marks the opening reception and sale for the annual Collectors Covey Miniature Show. It is a fixed price sale with many of the participating artists in attendance. For many it is the one time a year they get to visit about the previous year's adventures.

In addition to the fixed price sale there will be a live auction of John P. Cowan's "Wrong Side" a 27" x 40" original watercolor.

My experience over the past five years I've been in this show is if you want to see the show in its full glory you need to be there on Friday night because most of the show will sell opening night and the buyers go home with their newly purchased gems.

I have three pieces in the show. All three are field studies completed on location. Okay, there was little studio time spent on them to make them gallery worthy, but for the most part what you get is what I saw and painted.

"Into the Vallery"  
9" x 12"   oil/linen

"Golden Pond"
9" x 12"  oil/linen

"Mountaintop Hillside"
9" x 12"  oil/linen

Other artists in the show are a who's who in the world of wildlife and landscape art including sculptures. Some of the artists featured include John B. Cowan, William Alther, Ken Carlson, Julie Chapman, Len Chimel, Calvin Carter, Chase Almond, Bruce Peil, Matt Smith, John Dearman, Mark Haworth, Frank Serrano, Luke Frazier, Brian Grimm, Dan Meltz, George Northrup, Bernard Vetter, Tracy Avant, Andrea Almond, Greg Beecham, Kay Northrup, Julie Jeppsen, Chuck Rawle and Sherry Sander.

Hope to see you there.