Sunday, March 2, 2014


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I recently drove from Texas to Scottsdale by way of Sedona. The first day I drove 16 hours straight to Flagstaff. That gave me about a day in Sedona and Jerome to do some sightseeing, photographing and even had time to knock out a couple of paintings. 

I drove to the eastern side of Sedona to the Round Top Rock area. I realized the last time I was here I was traveling with someone who knew the area and now that I was on my own I had no clue where to go.
So I basically just drove along the main East to West road to find things to paint and luckily this worked out pretty well.

Across the highway from Round Top Rock is this formation. I chose to paint the far left formation because I  liked the shadow pattern.

Sometimes finding shade is more important than the unpleasant odors one has to deal with. Setting up next to this outdoor bathroom proved problematic because of the odor and because of the high volume
of people needing to use it while I painted. As people stood in line waiting their turn, they felt obligated to engage me in conversation. I talked to people from Canada, Hawaii, California and New York to name a few.

I'm painting on a 9" x 12" panel. This is the beginning of a quick block-in of the main shapes.

My view of the subject and another shot of the block-in.

Further blocking in. I think I'm getting a little light headed at this point. Holding your breath while painting will do that to you.

A close up view of my subject. That big shadow is moving quickly so I'm glad I painted it in early.

I have put in the sky so now I'm ready to move quickly to the main rock formation and then I'll lay in the foreground elements.

About ninety percent done. Just need to tighten up the transitions from the main rock formation to the foreground.

"Sedona Cliche"

Kind of punched up the color at the very end. I think looking into the bright morning sun in combination with the odor from the bathroom made me a bit loopy and I was seeing colors that probably weren't really there. This is one I'll have to adjust when I get it back to the studio.

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Peggy wilson said...

What a post to start my morning! I can identify with that. Similar incident in Utah. Wonderful painting with those great Sedona mountain structures. Last time I was there I think Gamsol had created a special "Sedona Red" they were selling at that local art store. Create an "Outhouse Orange", and sell the dickens out of it! Love your work.