Friday, May 14, 2010


"Johnson Ranch" 10" x 20"

Spent last week in Wimberley, Texas in
the heart of the Texas Hill Country
taking a workshop from Skip Whitcomb.
Painting in Texas is a bit of a challenge
right now because everything is green.
There are patches of wildflowers here and
there, but not in abundance like it was
a month ago.

The workshop was great. Jill Carver came
over from Austin and visited. Skip knocked
out some killer demos. I debated about
posting any of my work, but thought "what
the heck". Produced three wipe offs for every
completed painting. I tend to push myself
into different directions in a workshop just
to see what works...and what doesn't.

All-in-all I went to the workshop wanting to
gain specific knowledge about paint manipulation.
I think I got it so now I need to apply it to my
work to see if I can achieve the results I'm
shooting for. Time will tell.


Pam Holnback said...

I love Skip's work. Lucky you to take one of his workshops. How great that Jill Carver came over. I'm signed to take her late September in Rico Co workshop! On we march!

Steve Atkinson said...

Hey Rusty, very nice piece! I'm glad the workshop was a good learning experience. I always figure that if I take a workshop and I'm not wiping, then I'm not trying new things. Way to go buddy!! I can imagine Skip must be a very good teacher?

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Pam and Steve. Skip was great.
He produced some killer demos. Actually struggled with one because the wind kept changing the water patterns on a river, but in the end he pulled it out, which was great to watch. I've already seen the change in my work. Every painting is a blast.