Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Early Moonrise Over Lake Hubbard" 18" x 24" oil/linen

In three weeks, April 30 to be exact, I will be sharing
stage with Qiang Huang and Bob Rohm at
Riverbend Fine Art
in Marble Falls, TX. The
painting above is a first look at one of the paintings
I plan to have at the show.

This is a scene I came across last December in East Texas.
It was one of those late afternoons when the moon is
coming up before the sun goes down. This scenario creates
a generous palette of colors as you get the warm late
afternoon colors and the early evening cool colors at the
same time. Doing the painting has been in the back of
my head for several months and I finally got around to
doing the painting this weekend.


Douglas Clark said...

Very nice, looks like a great place to duck hunt.

Rusty Jones said...

As a matter of fact it is.

Donna Bland said...

I know it will be a great show.
Great painting. Donna

Brad Miedema said...

Absolutely love this!

Claudia Davis said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks everybody.