Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"Winter Trail" 9" x 12" oil/linen

This is a plein air piece I did last month on
my trip to Arizona. I had suffered a corneal
abrasion the day before and I was trying
to tough it out while being in an extreme amount
of pain. The bright white snow didn't help.

I have astygmatism in my good eye which is
corrected with glasses, but on this day it was so bad
I was seeing two of everything. I quickly learned the
brush with the paint on it was the left brush and I needed
to put paint down on the left hand tree. There were two
brushes, two trees...two of everything. This painting
will go down in my memory as the toughest plein air piece
I have ever created.

As we approach the April 30th show date for my three-man
show with Qiang Huang and Bob Rohm I'll begin to post
more of the paintings I plan to have in the show. I figure
to come up with ten paintings I'll need to produce
13 or 14 in order to have some choices in the final days.

Guess its time to call my good buddy Randy Higbee
at King of Frame and place an order. I wonder what a
show would look like if all the frames were black? The
largest painting will be a 18" x 36" sunset painting I'm
doing of the Grand Canyon. The smallest will be an 8" x 10"
painting from Canyon De Chelly. Everything else will be
somewhere in between.

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graziano tessarolo said...

qui in Italia è arrivata la primavera ma è bello vedere e sentire ancora la neve...