Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Snow Day" 12" x 16" oil/linen plein air

My painting "Snow Day" won the Southwest Art Magazine
at last weekend's Plein Air Southwest Show at
Southwest Gallery.
That's a lot of "Southwests" in one
sentence. John Austin Hannah
was this year's judge and
I am very pleased he picked my
painting for an award.
The painting sold on opening night and
I had the pleasure
and honor of talking with the collectors fo
r awhile.

The painting was done on location during the last big snow
storm we had last February. The front yard was littered with
a trampoline, bicycles and various pieces of lawn equipment so once I finished the house I looked across the road at an empty field to get my foreground treatment. All-in-all a good effort that resulted in an award. Wish they were all like that (heavy sigh).

One of the great things about an art event is it brings
together a group of artists who otherwise spend very
little time together. Besides being a great art event
Plein Air Southwest provides me the opportunity to
catch up with old friends like John Cook (on my right) who
I've known for 30 years and new friends like Qiang Huang
who I've only recently met.

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