Saturday, April 23, 2011


"Ripples" 9" x 12" oil/linen

This one turned out to be a real challenge. The left hand
side of the stream is in full sun and the right hand side
in shadow. Painting a moving stream with all of its
reflections and then to look through the water and
capture everything going on underneath. It is almost
too much information for my little brain.

Anyway, this one may or may not make the cut for the
show. I still have time to do a few more small ones
before next weekend. We'll see what I can turn up
between now and then. I'll put this one away for a few
days then stick it in a frame to see if I still like it. Not feeling
the love over this one, but who knows what a few days
of separation will do.

1 comment:

Brad Miedema said...

You nailed it Rusty! Challenge or not you make it look easy. It looks very lifelike. I love the shadow part of the water and how it contrasts against the blue reflective surface. Makes for a nice composition. You are inspiring me to paint more landscapes! Again, beautiful work!