Saturday, April 23, 2011


"Palo Douro Overlook" 12" x 16" oil/linen

As is my custom I finished the first version of
"Palo Duro Overlook" a few days ago, then set
it facing the wall so I couldn't see it. I am in the final
days of getting ready for my three-man show next weekend
and now it is just a matter of going through the paintings
to decide which ones make the cut.

I liked "Palo Duro Overlook" but decided the top
of the bluff was too cool and too green, so this
morning I covered it in Liquin and repainted the bluff.
Everything else in the painting remained the same, I just
changed to color and value of the bluff so it gives the
painting a more cohesive feel. I also widened the left
side base of the bluff to give it a more grounded feel.
Looking at the first version I felt the bluff was painted
well, but it looked like it belonged in a different landscape.
I am much happier with the second version. What do you think?


Douglas Clark said...

I think the changes really do improve the look of this painting. This is the most beautiful painting I've seen of Palo Duro, in fact it looks better than any time I've seen the real canyon. That is the great difference between painting and photography.

Brad Miedema said...

This is beautiful! I do like the changes you made Rusty. I also like how you changed the bushes and varied the size and placement a bit. It adds more visual interest.

Ruth Andre said...

I agree with your choice but I also thought the two paintings could have painted at two different times during the day.