Saturday, May 29, 2010


"Stonebridge Pond" 9" x 12" oil/linen

Only a few days left before we fall
into our usual summer weather pattern
of 80 degree nights and 100 degree
days. So I get out early and try to
get in a painting before it gets too hot.

This is a pond on a golf course near my
home. High traffic area with a lot of
morning joggers stopping to watch me paint.
I think I'm going to name this pond the
"MacPhearson Pond" after one very good
plein air painter Kevin MacPhearson who we
all know did eleventy billion paintings of
the pond outside his studio and then put
them into a book. I have that book and
look at it regularly. Great book.

Anyway, I didn't realize all the different
greens I mixed to make this little study.
I am yanking green of my palette in an
effort to limit the use of green. I'm going
to study this painting for a few days then
go back and paint it again more aware
of the dangers of green.


Randy Saffle said...

Rusty what Green is currently on your palette?

Rusty Jones said...

I alternate between Viridian and Thalo green. I like using the thalo in shadow areas and in the sky. I will be mixing all my greens from now on. I'm going to keep thalo on the palette but only for rare occasions.