Saturday, May 15, 2010


"Towards Wimberley" 6"x8" oil/c

This is a quick 30 minute sketch
done by the side of the road. Just
one of those days where your are
driving along looking at cloud patterns.

Then there's the "I wonder if I
should stop and paint or just
get to where I'm going", conversation
you have with yourself. 99% percent
of the time you just keep driving.
This time I didn't and I'm glad.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

I'm glad you stopped, Great little painting.
My wife always says follow your instincts. She isn't ever wrong!!

Belinda said...

I really liked this painting....

Susan Roux said...

Beautiful piece! Your emotion for this place poured out quickly and the result is wonderful! Will this be a study for a larger piece? Would look great big.

RON and SHERRY KULE said...

Very nice work, Rusty. It reminds me of a time I spent in Chile.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks everybody.