Sunday, May 23, 2010


"Elevator" 22" x 28" oil/c

I have discovered over the past year
that certain subject matter really
appeals to me. If I had my druthers,
I'd be in Colorado or out West
somewhere, but I'm not so here
in Texas I tend to be drawn to grain
elevators, hay bales, the mission of
San Antonio and any thing in the
Hill Country.

I think I'm drawn to the grain elevators
like the one I've shown here because
there are very few of them around
anymore and for what they represent.
Grain elevators represent a work ethic
that you are hard pressed to find any more.
Entire communities used to depend on the
farmers and their families to tend to their
crops and at harvest time the grain elevator
became the center for all activities. Without
them the industrialized cities would have
come to a screeching halt. I like the history
they represent. When painting a grain elevator
I always think about the people who
built it and operated it and what they lives
must have been like.


Pam Holnback said...

Great comments. Painting also requires a work ethic. Maybe the hard work similarity pulls you together.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

You are an amazing painter. I like painting the same things you do. You have a great blog, I will bookmark it so I'll be back soon to check what you're up to. (I'm in Houston and I think we took a workshop at HCAA together sometime in the past year?)