Friday, September 17, 2010



Time is running out to sign up for my
plein air workshop in Wimberley, Texas.
The five day workshop is $550 or if you
can't stay for all five days you can pay
a day rate of $100 per day for as many
days as you want.

I have published the daily schedule below to
help those doing the daily thing pick their
days based on what is being taught on any
particular day. As with many workshops,
the first two days are the basics and then we
get into the real meat of the workshop
half way through the second day.

I am excited to be teaching and to be teaching
in the heart of the Texas Hill Country is a real
bonus. Contact Belinda Aber-Haddock at
512-722-6032 or sign up online at

Daily Schedule:

Monday, September 27-Block-In
9:00 am-Lecture and introduction to plein air painting
10:30 am-Travel to painting location. Painting demo
of a black and white block-in followed by color demo block-in.
12:30-1:00 pm-Lunch (not provided)
1-4:00 pm-Class block-in sessions, black/white with
personal instruction.This gives me the opportunity to
meet each student and evaluate their individual skill level.
Once I see a student has the ability to evaluate values in
black and white they will be asked to move on to color
block-ins. Bring plenty of 6x8 and 8x10 panels.

Tuesday, September 28-Block-Ins Day Two
9:00 am-Travel to painting location
9:30-12:00 pm-Painting demo. Taking a color block-in
to finished painting.
12:30 pm-Lunch (not provided), Group question
and answer period.
1:00-4:00-One hour timed painting sessions of color block-ins.
Do as many block-ins as time allows. Bring plenty of 6x8
and 8x10 panels.

Wednesday, September 29- Start to Finish Day Two
9-9:30am-Carpool to painting location
9:30-12:00 pm-Painting demo from start to finish. Slowing
down a bit to discuss design theory, values, use of edges
and how to bring a finished look to a plein air painting.
12-12:30 pm-Lunch (not provided). Question and Answer
period. Critique of group work.
12:30-4:00 pm-Group painting sessions, individual instruction.
Each session timed for one hour. Trying to stay loose and
see the big picture. Have plenty of 6x8 and 8x10 panels.

Thursday, September 30:Start to Finish Day Three
9-9:30 am-Carpool to painting location
9:30 am-12:00 pm-Painting demo.
12-12:30 pm-Lunch (not provided). Question and Answer
1:00-4:00 pm-Group painting sessions. Personal instruction.
Each painting will start with a block-in. After I review and have
the student adjust their block-in, the block-ins will be taken to
completion. Paint nothing larger than an 8x10.

Friday, October 1-From the Field to the Studio
9:00 am-Meet at Pitzer Fine Art for a painting demo. I will
take a field study and enlarge it into a 20" x 24" painting.
12-1:00 pm-Lunch in Wimberely. Question and Answers.
1-4:00 pm-Group painting sessions in Wimberley.
4:00-Whenever. Meet back at Pitzer's Fine Art for group critique.


Steve Atkinson said...

Rusty, I would definitely take your workshop if I were closer. I love your work and know I could learn so much from you. Someday.....

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks so much Steve. I really don't think I could teach you much. You're one of the best painters I know, but I do appreciate the compliment.