Monday, September 6, 2010


"Calf on the Move" 8" x 10" oil/linen

Painting animals alla prima is a real challenge.
Capturing a simple gesture pose and then
turning it into a painting...when it
quite satisfying. I marvel at Bob Kuhn's animal
gestures along with James Reynolds' and Bill Anton's
horses and cows.

I sat along side a pasture for more than an
hour watching this calf. Got a good case of
chiggers in the process I might add. He stood out
because all of the other cows in the field were
black. It appeared he had something bothering
his back left hoof because he kept raising it
and shaking it. Capturing this quick pose is
all I could get.

I liked the pose and decided to complete the
landscape around him. Armed with my field
sketch and some reference photos I completed this
painting in the studio.

"Calf on the Move" *' x 10" oil/linen