Tuesday, September 7, 2010


"Mather Point" 9" x 12" oil/linen, plein air

This is actually the last painting from my recent trip
to the Grand Canyon and one of my favorites. It was done
plein air in a 30 mph wind gust. I like the simplicity
of the distant canyon and the reflected light in the
rocks. At the Grand Canyon there is so
much information to take in and it constantly
changes because of clouds moving across the scene.

This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon and my
first attempt at painting it alla prima. It took two days
painting before I came across a formula for tackling this

difficult subject matter.

Because the light changed constantly I chose to paint the
foreground structures first, completely disregarding the
distant elements. Once I had the foreground about 90%
completed I painted in the background and sky and then
made adjustments in the foreground to complete the painting.

I produced 14 paintings over five days and the last four
are the most successful of the group. I'll post few more
as the week goes on.

Happy painting everyone.


john pototschnik said...

Way to go, Rusty. You picked a challenging subject and your plan of attack really worked well. Nice job.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks John.

jillcarver said...


Bev Boren said...

Love it, very nice!

Steve Atkinson said...

Stunning Rusty!!! Way to go!