Monday, September 6, 2010


"Cathedral Rocks" 9" x 12" oil/linen

First time to Sedona so you
gotta paint the Cathedral Rocks.
I painted them in the early morning
in a back-lit situation and even though
I didn't wipe it off, now that I have the
painting back in the studio it really
blew big chunks.

Disappointed in my first painting we,
(me and Chase Almond) left the state
park to find other inspiration which
there is plenty of in Sedona. I dropped
Chase off at the top of the ridge
for a sunset painting and I headed back to
the state park for another crack at
the Cathedral Rocks.

I blocked in most of the painting waiting for
a particular light effect on the rocks. I waited
and waited and finally decide it just wasn't
going to happen so I decided just to grab
whatever Mother Nature was going to deliver
that day. Turned away from the rock to
grab a clean paper towel, looked back at
the rocks and holy schumolly there it was.
The exact light I had been waiting for. With
brush in hand and stomach in my throat, I
slapped paint as fast as I could and five
miunutes later the light was gone. I think I got it.

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