Saturday, January 28, 2012


For Christmas this year Santa brought me an Artwork Essentials EasyL Lite plein air easel. This is my second EasyL. The first is the EasyL Pro version which comes with a place on the back to carry wet panels. I never used this function of the easel so I went to the Lite because it is thinner, lighter and does not have the carrier on the back. I'm getting ready to head into some serious outdoor painting and traveling so I thought it would be a good time to prepare the easel and needing blog material for today...well sounds like a match.

Step 1: Prepare the glass. I went to my local True Value hardware store and had them cut a piece of glass to fit inside of the easel. I then spray one side of the glass with plumber's primer gray spray. I find the dull gray color helps eliminate glare from the sun when painting outdoors. It also helps me properly judge values and colors that I'm mixing. In case you are wondering the answer is "no" I've never had a piece of glass break and I've had my EasyL pro for five years.

Step 2: Insert glass into the easel and seal it in.

I use Kwik Seal Kitchen and Bath caulk. It goes on white but dries clear. This is an important step because the caulk will prevent turps and paint from seeping underneath the glass and it keeps the glass in place.
Ready to go. Booya!

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