Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"West Texas Horned Toad" 6" x 6" oil/linen

How can such an ugly little creature stir so many fond memories? Anyone who has spent some time anywhere west of Ft. Worth to El Paso has fond memories of catching these passive lizards, putting them in shoe boxes, feeding them ants and racing them. My wife is one of those that will tell you how she and her cousins spent their summers catching horned toads and the races they would have. She can even remember the sweet odor the lizards would put off.

As recent history shows the horned toads have been disappearing due to the intrusion of big red ants from Mexico that compete for the same food source (black ants) as the horned toads and the red ants have been coming out on top for quite some time. I'm glad to report that I recently read the red ants have returned to Mexico and the West Texas horned toad population is growing.

As for the painting...I did it as a surprise for my wife at Christmas. The color palette is off the charts for my taste, but she loves bold colors. Probably the best gift I have ever given her in fifteen years of marriage.


Pam Holnback said...

I like the bold colors! Change can be fun! Saw your info about the pasw show. Guess I'll wait until next year, as I've posted all my work on my blog w/ for sale prices, so it doesn't qualify.

Carol Reynolds said...

I use to live in Texas, and viewing your excellent work brings back memories. I always look forward to viewing your beautiful paintings.