Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"Loch Vale" 24" x 30" oil/canvas

That time of year again for Paint the Parks.
Paint the Parks is a great juried show and I am
entering two pieces this year. The painting
above is of Loch Vale in Estes Park. Its a long
hike up to this clear mountain lake which, by
the way, is full of rainbow trout.

My second entry is from the Grand Canyon.

"Grand View" 24" x 30" oilo/canvas

This one of my favorite paintings of the year.
The toughest challenge in painting the Grand Canyon
is trying to capture the extreme amount of depth.
It just seems to go on forever and you have to pick
and choose which layers to include and which ones
to leave out while maintaining the overall
character of the landscape.

Its amazing to me that so many paintings start with
some obscure little bush in the foreground and then you
step off into limitless space. Its one of the ultimate
challenges in plein air painting.


Pam Holnback said...

This Grand Canyon painting is a great one! Good luck!

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Pam