Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Red Rock Study" 6" x 8" oil/canvas

$150 on here to bid

A couple of summers ago I traveled to Canyon De Chelly
in Arizona for a five day paintout with the Outdoor
Painters Society. It was two full days of hard driving
broken up with pitstops and long stretches through
west Texas with nothing to look at. Getting into
New Mexico and the red rock formations that run along
the north side of the highway was a welcome sight.
I had never painted red rock canyons before and
now that's all I was going to be painting for the next five days.

On the second day of driving I decided to stop along the
way and do a series of 6" x 8" studies to break up the
drive and, more importantly, to get some serious painting
practice under my belt before reaching Canyon De Chelly.
These small studies have been sitting on a bookshelf ever since. I've decided to make them available on Ebay. Father's Day is not too far away you know.

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