Saturday, May 14, 2011


" 8" x 10" oil/canvas

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Okay so today I jump off another cliff into the
vast unknown of online sales. I figure if its
good enough for Frank Serrano its good enough
for me. I mean hey, what's a painter to do with
a collection of field studies and smaller paintings
that will never make it to the gallery and will
otherwise just sit in a stack of paintings collecting
dust in the corner of the studio.

I just finished a six month stretch in which I
had my first one-man show followed by my first
three-man show and mixed in was a workshop or two.
Oh yea, let's not forget four shows in April. I took
last week off from doing any painting and kept my
social media activities to a minimum. I began the
weekend by cleaning my studio and reorganizing files.
I sat on the floor and flipped through about 50 paintings
that, in my opinion, are really nice. Most of them are field
studies. Some of them have made their way into larger
paintings and some never will, but it doesn't take away
from the fact that on their own merit most of them would
like to be in a frame hanging on someone's wall where they
would be appreciated instead of delegated to the corner
of my studio.

So I am offering my smaller paintings their path to freedom
by offering them on Ebay in my newly created store. I'm
still trying to figure out how to post the paintings and then
promote them, but I'm sure it will all work out so bear with
me until I get a system worked out.

In addition to offering my field studies, I will be posting a
new original piece of work every Friday. Watch for these to
be promoted on Facebook and Twitter as well. I am really
excited by the opportunity this presents for someone to start
a collection or add to it with one of my original paintings. Do \me a favor a check it out and let me know what you think.


Douglas Clark said...

Best of luck with this new venture. This is a great painting.

Brad Miedema said...

Awesome painting Rusty! Great idea to put them on ebay. Best of luck!

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Doug and Brad. I looking forward to seeing how it goes.