Friday, June 11, 2010


"Wash Day" 10" x 20" oil/c

YIKES! Got into the studio this morning
to look at what I had to enter into the
Annual Bosque Art Classic. I made a
promise to my painting buddy, Steve
Atkinson, that I would enter the show
this year. Somewhere in my mind I had
firmly implanted June 22nd as the due
date for entries.

Feeling all proud of myself because I
was a full week away from the deadline
and still had time to produce a painting or
two if needed, I pulled out the prospectus
for the show as I nursed my first cup of
morning coffee. HOLY SCHUMOLY! Everything
is due tomorrow June 12th not the 22nd!
Crap and double crap!

I quickly scurry through the studio pulling
paintings out to find four paintings. Luckily
I had three I thought were show worthy,
but to qualify for the John Steven Jones
Purchase Award you have to enter
four pieces.

I had done a study a few weeks back of a farm
with a clothes line hanging in the sun and hay
bales scattered about. So I gave it a shot and
by golly I think I pulled it off. My fourth entry.
Now all I have to do is photograph it and
FedEx my entries. WHEW!

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