Wednesday, June 16, 2010

35 on 35 PREVIEW

"Cloud Cover" 11" x 14"

The first ten paintings for my "35 on 35"
show are done. Thirty more to go
between now and November. Next
weekend, June 26th, I will be at Riverbend
Gallery in Marble Falls, TX for a preview
and the ten paintings will be on display.
From 2:00 to 4:00 I will be doing a demo.

For those out of the loop or new to my
blog, "35 on 35" is the title for my first
one-man show. It stands for 35 paintings
I am producing of 35 scenes, all viewable
along IH 35 which runs from the south of
Dallas to north of San Antonio. Anyone
who has ever driven this stretch of Texas
highway knows what I mean when
I say it is not the friendliest part of Texas.
Pick up trucks and eighteen wheelers rule
the road so you best drive hard and
drive fast to get wherever it is you're
going. And that is the problem.

Over 200 miles of Texas landscape and
beauty whizzes by and before you know it
you have driven right past the very heart
of our state. So each painting in the
show will have a GPS marking on the back
so every collector will have the opportunity
to go to the exact spot where I produced the
painting. Neat stuff for sure.


Susan Roux said...

Beautiful! Simple, powerful composition. Your color palette is vibrant and your subject restful.

Best of luck as you continue your body of work.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Susan.