Saturday, June 12, 2010


"The Heat of Big Bend" 9" x 12" oil/linen

Painting in Beng Bend presents all
kinds of challenges for the plein
air painter. Heat being the major
factor, but I find the very thing that
makes Big Bend so appealing to be
my biggest challenge...the glare.

The sun bounces up off the desert
floor and off the walls of the surrounding
canyons which cause my eyes to close
down making it more difficult to
see values. Consequently, I usually
give it my best shot with corrections
being made once I get the painting
back into the studio. The painting shown
above is the exception to the rule. I
actually found a nice tree to stand under
with some shade and it was a little
cloudy. I was able to pull off a decent


Tim Fitzgerald said...

I know what you mean about the heat and glare of the sun. Here at the beaches of North Carolina it's above 90 degrees with bright sunshine.
Great painting, don't you just love it when a painting comes together?
Tim Fitz

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tim. Yea, I wish they all did, but that would make it too easy.

BULLDOG said...

Your idea of decent painting would be a far cry above others' concepts of good.
Your work is always a pleasure to see, and you have done your home work.
I have not painted recently but was trained by Larry Gluck presonally in LA in the 1970's...and loved every minute of it.
I do far more creative writing.