Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Estes Park Sunset" 18" x 24" oil/c

One of the best times of the day to
paint in one of the best parks in the
nation. If you haven't been to Estes Park
you are missing it. Endless amount of
inspirational painting location any time
of the day. You just have to avoid the
minivans full of families. It can be done.
Paint early and paint late. Every day at
sunset sit back and listen to elk


Tim Fitzgerald said...

I wondered how you painted such beautiful unpopulated landscapes with the hoards of bodies wandering around the parks. Now I know. The very brightly lit spot in the middle left just gives your painting that little something that takes it to a higher level. I try to do that unfortunately I'm not always successful.
Tim Fitz

Rusty Jones said...

I have sold more paintings on location at Estes than anywhere else. If you paint Estes you are going to get a crowd of onlookers. Luckily the park is so big finding privacy is possible.