Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"Home of the Anasazi" 9" x 12" oil/c

My trip into painting gray matter was
short lived. Last weekend I attended
the Centennial Celebration in Port
Aransas. Friday night was an open
house and art show at Port A Gallery.
I introduced a new 22" x 28" oil
painting of the Lydia Ann Lighthouse and
it sold quickly.

I thought I had pushed the color too far,
but the response to the painting was
overwhelming. I asked a couple of patrons
what they liked about the painting and
every one mentioned the color. I received
two commissions to create additional
versions of the lighthouse.

Back in the studio, I returned to painting
in my previous manner with clean color.
I guess I should embrace what my collectors
are asking for and still push back and forth
between painting more subdued paintings
as well as the more colorful pieces. I guess
it doesn't really matter as long as I
remain true to the landscape and to myself.

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