Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Winter Passing" 10" x 12" oil/c

As I write this I am in shorts and a T-shirt
trying to stay cool. Believe it or not this
scene is from two days ago. Just about the
time we Texans began changing the oil
in our lawn mowers and reading
articles on new brands of fertilizer for our
yards, Winter paid us one last visit and
dropped five inches of snow last Saturday night.

I sprang into action on Sunday and took off
for a day of capturing the day because I knew
given the next 24 hours, it would all be gone.
Sure enough by 3:00 most of the ground snow
had melted away. Today it is in the upper 70's,
sunny and green grass is everywhere. Texas got to love it.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

I really never thought Texas got snow even though John Wayne seemed to get in the stuff occasionally in his films.
Here in North Carolina we are more known for hurricanes then snow we here on Oak Island woke up to a real winter day ourselves. It lasted only two hours making it hard to capture on canvas, but I have a couple of pictures.
Love your treatment of the subject as always. Your colors are great.
Google wont let me attach a picture so you will have to use your imagination about our snow.
Tim Fitz

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tim. We get snow only once or twice a year and never in the amount we got this year. I really had a good time. Got four paintings done. Will post some more soon.