Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"Hill Country Longhorns"

Awhile back the Pearce Museum of
Western Art purchased this painting to
hang in its permanent collection in
Corsicana, Texas. I recently stopped in
to see the painting. I entered the museum
and was astonished by the collection that
includes paintings by Bill Anton, Howard
Terpning, James Bama, Nelson Boren,
Paul Calle, Z.S. Liang, Tom Lovell, Jason
Rich, Kenneth Riley, Kathryn Stats and
G. Harvey to name a few.

I wandered from room to room amazed by
the art and then I turned the corner and
there sandwiched between an Andy Thomas
and a Jason Rich was my painting.

Andy Thomas on the left

Jason Rich on the right

It was kind of an odd experience to be in
the same
company as the some of the
best known artists in the business. I've
been in plenty of shows, but never a
permanent collection that people actually
pay good money to see. I'm down right proud
to be a part of it.


Randy Saffle said...

That must be a great feeling. I can see why it's there.

Carole Abla said...

WOW Rusty!

What a wonderful experience! A beautiful painting, among great company :)! So happy for you


labrown said...

Fits right in my friend. Congratulations and keep up the great work. /Lee

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks everyone. It was a good boost for the ego. Of course, everything I have painted since seeing the museum
has been a dog. Can't stand the pressure!

L.Holm said...

Congratulations! Truly awesome.