Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Badlands Cliffs" 9" x 12" oil

This is one of those drive-by scenes that
happen when you are in a hurry to get to
a painting location but you stop along the
way to take pictures because you see
something interesting but don't have
the time to stop, set up the paintbox
and devote two hours to the scene.

Then later in the studio as you are
downloading pictures to the computer
and editing out the redundant pictures
one kind of pops out at you. This is one
of those scenes. I didn't think much of
it as I drove by it, but stopped anyway
and snapped a picture.

I am painting at Canyon de Chelly in September
and need to practice painting large rock
formations so I thought this would be a good
practice piece. Darned if it didn't turn out
to be a rather nice piece.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

I think you hit all the right notes when you painted this one. I live in North Carolina so seines like that are few near the coast, however we are 4 hours from the Blue Ridge.Love the colors. What colors did you use for the sky? Tim Fitzgerald A Fan

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

this is a beauty.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks ya'll. sky color was ultramarine blue, a touch of Alizarin and white in varying degrees. Mary...thanks for stopping by my blog. Of course that meant I had to go to yours. Really good stuff there. I'll have to be a regular visitor.