Tuesday, May 19, 2009


"Copper Orange" 6" x 8" oil

Its a new week of daily painting and
a new week to push paint. Life is grand.
Have to take time this week to do some
studio work, but plan to keep producing
the daily work as a warm up. I'm
finding it to be a great start of the day.

I have my painting time down to 30 minutes.
I don't do many still lifes, but
this has given me some motivation
to try a larger piece. We'll see how
things go as the week progresses.

Went to the InSight Gallery grand
opening last weekend in Fredericksburg.
Got to meet some very talented artists
including Carol Anderson, Joan Potter,
C. W. Mundy and Mark Haworth. Took the
time to visit with painter friends Chuck
Rawle, Kay Northrop, Jill Carver and
Nancy Bush. Food was great, art was
unbelievable and conversation entertaining.


Anonymous said...

This has such a wonderful vibrancy about it, and the fluidity of your paint as it merges into different colours!

Rusty Jones said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I notice we visit some of the same blogs. I will be sure to get to yours today.

Randy Saffle said...

You really captured the brass. I had to look at it larger to see if you had used some kind of metallic paint. Awesome job.