Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Lemons in My Cereal Bowel" 6" x 8" oil

OK, so a painting every day is going to
be a tough road to hold. I'm going to have
to have weekends off. I set up a
permanent still life station in the corner
of my studio and dropped by a local
market to pick up fruit and flowers for
the next few paintings. I am a man on a
mission. This feels good.

Don't really know if there are any rules
about this, but I will be posting landscapes
as well. It is not in my personality to just
paint still lifes. At heart, I am a landscape
painter. That's what really gets me going,
so throwing in a landscape here and there
will keep me interested in this daily
painting experiment.


Randy Saffle said...

I wish you luck with your new journey. I haven't been able to commit to dailey painting yet. I will keep my eyes on your progress.

Randy Saffle said...

How about "Daily"