Friday, May 8, 2009


"Tea Time" 6" x 8" Oil

After much back and forth in my own
mind about daily painting I have decided
to jump off the cliff and make it happen.

Part of it comes from seeing how quickly
artists like Qiang Huang and Carol Marine
have grown after following their blogs for
the last six months. You can go back to
their previous blogs from a year ago when
they first started daily painting and see how
much their work has matured.

The other part is I just bought Kevin
MacPhearson's book "Reflections on a Pond"
where he painted the same scene out the
window of his studio for a year. Kevin is a
master painter whose work I have admired
for years, but even his work changed as the
year went by and he produced painting after
painting for a year.

One of my goals this year is to be able
to produce larger, finished (yea right) plein
air pieces. I think this will help me produce
larger studio pieces while maintaining that
loosey goosey plein air feel to the work.

So this post is the first of my daily paintings to
be followed by 364 more until this time next
year. We will see where it takes my work and
whether or not I get the results I am seeking.


mike rooney studios said...

you'll be glad you did rusty. i look back at my stuff BEFORE daily painting back in late '07 and cry. not for me but for those poor saps that bought that crap! you will either love it and stay with it or get frustrated with the time consuming process and quit like alot of folks have. i'll be your sponsor (like in AA) if you feel like youre falling off the wagon LOL

rania said...

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shazia said...

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