Friday, June 8, 2012


   " The Sentinel"   18" x 24"   oil/linen

Today I officially begin getting ready for my trip to
Lake Tahoe in August. I will be participating in the Lake Tahoe Summer Art Festival. For two nights I will be exhibiting work at a gallery and then I will be teaching a three day workshop. For now I have been asked to supply 5 paintings by the middle of June that will be used in promotion and hang in the gallery. So I am busily painting trying to meet the deadline by next weekend.

Today I finished "The Sentinel" which is in Yosemite National Park. Sitting halfway between El Capitan and Half Dome Sentinel Rock stands guard over Yosemite Valley and Leideg Meadow. Off in the distance I have included Sentinel Falls. Tracy, David and I made a trip to Yosemite several years ago and this is painting is from photo reference shot during the trip.

Next up I am painting "Hidden Falls" found in the Teton National Park. I've been painting Hill Country stuff for about six months so painting mountains and waterfalls is a nice break.

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