Thursday, July 28, 2011


I will be doing a demos next weekend (Aug. 6, 7) at Southwest Gallery during the Summer Art Festival. This is charitable fund raiser for the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society and proceeds from the raffle will go to the DAPS. Gallery artists have donated their work to help raise money and you can help by purchasing raffle tickets which enters you in a chance to win one of the donated paintings.

About a dozen artists will be on hand both days doing demos in different parts of the gallery. I will be doing a demo each day and 100% of the proceeds from my demos will go directly to DAPS. This is a terrific opportunity to watch several demos in a single day and raise money for a worthy cause. Other artists whose work will be in the raffle and may be doing demos include Jonathon Hardesty, Fran Di Giacomo, Clinton Boyles, Tony Bass, Mary Kay Krell, Bob Hogan, Lynwood Bennett, John Austin Hanna, Laura Lewis, Manuel Garza, George Kovach, Ann Hardy, Paul Walden, Kay Walton, Mark Whitmarsh and Tony Saladino.

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Randy Saffle said...

Sounds fun Rusty. Any idea yet what time you will be working?

Rusty Jones said...

Hey Randy.

I plan to start my demos by 2:00 and take no more than 2 hours. Hope to see you there.