Friday, March 18, 2011


I painted three entries for the 6" Squared exhibition and sales at the Randy Higbee Gallery in California. This will be my first time to enter the competition. Painting on a 6" x 6" panel was quite the challenge and a little different, but I had fun with it.

"Sheep-n-Hay" 6" x 6" oil/linen

"San Jose Arches" 6" x 6" oil/linen

I've actually wanted to paint the arches of
Mission San Jose in San Antonio for quite some time
so this gave me the perfect opportunity to do a
small study before I tackle a larger version.

"Canyon D" 6" x 6" oil/linen

I really don't need much of an excuse to
paint something from Canyon De Chelly.
I'm off to submit the entries online. If you have
a chance, check out the paintings Michael Godfrey
has done for this show. He is amazing.


William R. Moore said...

Rusty, I like your entries...especially the first. Congratulation on the "Tarpon" Inn auction sale.

I could not locate Michael's have a link?

Rusty Jones said...
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Rusty Jones said...

William. Unless you're on Facebook you can't see Michael's entries, but here's a link to his website. Well worth the visit.

William R. Moore said...

Thanks,I found 3 recent post of 6x6 Michael Godfrey paintings on facebook and assumed they are the ones, but he doesn't say. A lot of small brushwork on such a small format. There are very nice. Wasn't familiar with Michael's work. Thanks for the introduction.

Douglas Clark said...

These are all really nice but the sheep and hay is my favorite by far. It has a lot going on in it, and that can be hard in a small painting but you pulled it off.