Friday, January 7, 2011

Port Aransas, Texas is one of my favorite places
to paint.
I have been fishing there since I was a
boy and the
smell of the salty air, the constant
sound of seagulls and the opportunity
to visit old stomping grounds like
the Lydia Anne lighthouse, the Tarpon Inn
and the fishing pier evoke all kinds
of great memories.

My work is represented by Port A Gallery and for the
past three years has been host to the Coastal
Paint-out. For three days gallery artists gather to
paint, eat tons of seafood and show our work.
There is a Quick Draw on Saturday morning which
always draws a crowd.

This year I took along my video camera and as
I painted with my fellow artists shot plenty of video.
From that I created the video above for the gallery
to put onto their website and to use it to promote
next year's show.

This gets right to the heart of the matter. In these times
when galleries are being threatened with the ability
of artists to connect directly with their collectors through
the internet, I believe we have an obligation to
demonstrate our loyalty to the galleries by doing
everything we can to bring business to their doorstep.
I like producing the videos because it gives me another
form of creative expression, but my intent is to provide
the gallery another outlet for promoting my work and the
work of the other talented artists in the gallery.

Okay....stepping down off my soapbox now. Time to go paint.


john pototschnik said...

Beautifully done, Rusty

Bev Boren said...

This is great, Rusty

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks John and Bev.