Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Antelope House Overlook" 24" x 36" oil/c

Step 4: Block-in completed, time for details

I started with the main cliff then moved
to the ground plane. From there I
painted the front cliff, then on to
the distant cliffs and finally the horizon.

The center cliff becomes an
interesting problem. It is in shadow
but is being lit up by reflected light
from the sand at its base. Every painting
has a trouble spot and this becomes
mine. I struggle a bit, think about giving
up. Maybe I'm just tired. I work through
it by painting some of the distant
cliffs to see how everything works. It
gets to a point I find pleasing and
move on to finish.

1 comment:

Steve Atkinson said...

Rusty! Very cool demo. I like this one very much. Thanks for giving us a glimpse over your shoulder. This scene is a daunting one and you handled it beautifully. Can't wait to get back there soon.