Sunday, February 7, 2010


"Lydia Ann" 22" x 28" oil/c

Hello fellow bloggers. I apologize for
disappearing for awhile. I have been busy
redesigning my website which took
me away from painting. Now if I can just
get the thing uploaded to the web, life will
return to normal.

I also finished editing a video from the
Canyon De Chelly paintout, but can't seem
to get it uploaded either. Even Youtube is
rejecting it. I think my file is too big.

The painting up top is of the Lydia Ann
Lighthouse in Port Aransas, TX. One of
my favorite Texas icons to paint and
a great fishing spot. Trout and reds run
up a down the channel next to the
lighthouse. I have taken refuge underneath
the porch on more than one occasion when
a sudden storm passed through.

I did this at the request of my gallery,
Port A Gallery. They are busy helping the
city raise money for a new museum that
has been built and now needs to be funded.
There's a fund raising event coming up in
March so we are making giclee prints of the
painting to be sold at the fund raiser and
at the gallery.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

So you are still among the living, good I was beginning to think you had a problem.
Great picture always a pleasure to interrupt my painting for a few minutes, have a cup of coffee relax and check out your blog.Hope to see the video.
Best Regards
Tim Fitzgerald

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tim

Jennifer McChristian said...

Welcome back Rusty!
Beautiful painting all around. I like the way you handled the sun drenched fence.
Great warm/cool color harmony going on.